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Fourth of July Weekend Safety Tips

Finally, the summer season is here and the Fourth of July weekend is on the horizon. It is time to enjoy some fun in the sun with your friends and family. Whether you celebrate this occasion with fireworks, grilling, spending the day in the water, or going on a mini road trip, there are some safety precautions you should take to ensure your weekend does not end in disaster.

To ensure you have a safe Fourth of July weekend, we prepared a list of safety tips. Consider printing them out and putting them on your refrigerator for family and friends to view. These tips will also be helpful throughout the entire summer season, so keep them in mind whenever you head out the door for a summer gathering.

Enjoy a Fun and Safe Fourth of July Weekend

Given the numerous activities we partake in over the weekend, accidents can easily happen if we are not careful.

Read the following safety tips below to help keep your family safe this summer:

  • Firework safety: If you plan on celebrating Independence Day with fireworks, you need to be particularly careful. It is estimated that about 50,000 fires are caused every year due to improper use of fireworks. To prevent any unnecessary accidents, never try to make your own fireworks, do not allow children to handle them on their own, never light more than one at a time, and always keep a fire extinguisher nearby to put out fires.
  • Water activities: It is common for families to spend the day by the pool or at the ocean celebrating the Fourth of July. If you have children, make sure you designate at least one adult to look after them who will not be drinking or otherwise distracted. If you plan on boating over the holiday weekend, make sure to review safe practices and absolutely never consume alcohol while operating a boat.
  • Grilling: During the Fourth of July weekend and throughout summer, you will likely either host or attend at least one barbeque. If you plan on grilling, check the gas grill’s hoses for holes, leaks, or cracks. You should also keep children away from the grill while it is hot. Lastly, never grill indoors or within an enclosed area that can potentially catch fire.
  • Driving: If your Fourth of July weekend involves going for a drive or a weekend getaway, you will need to exercise extra caution. Unfortunately, there are a fair amount of drunk drivers on the road during the holiday. Be sure to practice defensive driving and, if possible, try to only drive during daylight hours. The later it is, the greater your chances are of encountering a drunk driver.

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